Do foot detox or body detox programs work? My chiropractor's office offers these. Are they any healthy detoxes to do to help weight loss that are safe

Probably not. Most of these are money-makers. You can go to quackwatch.Com to investigate many types of gimmicks and scams.
No help. Detox programs promise relief of physical and body problems by the dubious theory that the body accumulates toxins and is somehow unable to get rid of them. The liver and kidney work full time to accomplish this and are quite successful at it. Detox programs add nothing to this and a few are dangerous. If you goal is to lose weight, discuss with family doc, nutritionist and your gym.
They may be harmful. Humans and other living beings are absolutely amazing in that they routinely take in foods (raw materials), keep the needed and useful elements, and remove the unneeded parts (waste products). Life processes are complicated, but except in cases of gene mutations, they do not leave people full of "toxins". Usually, the one thing that detox programs will remove is, of course, money from your wallet!
Not for Kids. For children, these unproven therapies are definately not to be done!
No-no-no. I'm awfully sorry to be so negative, but even the tv news had this on prime time. Please discuss further with your trusted physician. Placebo has always been a powerful therapy, and it helps patients in studies despite being nothing but a sugar pill.