Can internal hemorrhoids be felt during an examination? And can they cause bloody pieces of tissue during a bowel movement?

Not normally. Internal hemorrhoids: blood filled cushions, not varicose veins; not usually felt during rectal exam. Usually painless vs. External hemorrhoids (different nerve supply). Can cause bright red blood in bowl, on toilet paper, or coating stool. Bloody pieces of tissue, blood mixed in the stool, dark blood, clots, etc need to be evaluated. Bright red blood may need to be investigated too. See md.
Yes. Can be seen with anoscopy. Bloody pieces may be clots. This requires md evaluation.

Related Questions

There is no swelling or extreme pain. But there is bleeding during strained bowel movement. Could this be internal hemorrhoids?

Yes. Rectal bleeding may be caused by hemorrhoids. Colonoscopy is the standard of care to evaluate rectal bleeding in people over 40.
Could. Be internal hemorrhoids as they usually are associated with painless bleeding, could also be a chronic fissure which may alos bleed painlessly. More importantly one should determine the reason for having to strain to have bm. Probably best to get checked by a GI doctor or a colorectal surgeon.

Is it safe to have anal sex with internal hemorrhoids? There is only slight bleeding during bowel movements so is it safe or no?

Not recommended. You should be symptom free (no pain or bleeding) ideally before anal sex. If you have internal hemorrhoids, I would recommend against anal intercourse as this can exacerbate the issue. If they are in fact internal hemorrhoids, you can consult a surgeon for banding to resolve the issue. Meanwhile, to reduce flares, also avoid straining and keep stools soft.

Can INTERNAL hemorrhoids cause mild but constant burning in my anus not associated with bowel movements? If not, what else? Occasional blood on stool

Anal symptoms. Such discomfort is more typical of mild inflammation of the rectum (proctitis) or anal fissure. Internal hemorrhoids can cause bright red blood in the stool. I feel a proctologist is very helpful in evaluating and treating this type of symptom.
Examination. Your doctor could perform a rectal examination and an anoscopy.

Every few weeks I see a very small amounts of blood on the tp after a bowel movement. Doctor said internal hemorrhoids. Can they bleed like this?

Yes. Intermittent small amts of blood from anal canal usually from fissure or internal hemorrhoids. Rectal exam can confirm this if digital produces the small amts of blood. If there is a question, endoscopy will clarify situation.

Just had the rubber band ligation yesterday for internal hemorrhoids. Today after a bowel movement I saw blood and a slightly foul smell. Is it normal?

Most likely. What you are describing is normal. Small rectal bleeding would be expected after a hemorrhoid procedure. Your doctor or surgeon should give you instructions on what to expect. Call their office ; ask for post procedure instructions ; expectations.

Do internal hemorrhoids bleed even with small bowel movements?

It can... Small bowel movements can cause rectal bleeding with internal hemorrhoids depending in its severity.
They can. Yes, especially if what you mean by "small" bowel movements is hard, dry stools. Increase water intake to at least 64 oz/day, eat fruits and veggies, and add a daily fiber supplement (psyllium is recommended). A more deformable stool will scrape the hemorrhoids less, and decrease the bleeding. If not- see your doctor.

How long will it take for my internal hemorrhoids to go away? What can I do to get rid of them? I have painful bowel movements that bleed.

Probably. Not your internal hemorrhoids as they usually bleed without pain. Pain and bleeding is most often due to a fissure. If your regular doctor can't make the diagnosis see a colorectal surgeon.
Psyllium Fiber. If you want to only care for this without any surgical intervention, then psyllium fiber or an equivalent is likely the best treatment for long term. Make sure you purchase unflavored psyllium. Start with a teaspoon a night mixed in 16 oz of water every night. Unless they are stuck out and causing significant pain or itching, surgery can usually be avoided. You should consider seeing your doc.

I had surgery of internal hemorrhoids a month ago. What should I do to avoid straining at bowel movements and maintain a soft stool?

Fluid and fiber. You can increase daily water consumption to make sure you don't become dehydrated. Increase non soluble fiber intake. There are over the counter options if you find your stool is hard. Talk to a pharmacist and consider miralax (polyethylene glycol).
High fiber. Diet and drink 80-100 ounces of caffeine free, alcohol free fluid daily. Drink 20 ounces more for every 30 minutes of exercise. Don't od on fiber. Fluids are far more important. And remember caffeine and alcohol dehydrate and lead to constipation.