Is the ejection fraction painful during hida? I have a gallbladder sludge, and a nuclear med scan tomorrow.

CCK. To determine a gallbladder ejection fraction, a medication called cck is administered iv. Your body normally has its own cck which makes the gallbladder contract. The exogenous cck may simulate any symptoms which you feel when you normally eat a fatty meal. If you get cramping, nausea, etc.....You may experience this with cck. Symptoms are often more pronounced with rapid speed of injection.
Not normally. U may feel some spasm like contractions in your right abdomen , maybe a little nausea..But since injection/infusion is slow... You should feel next to nothing.
Sometimes. sometimes CCK injection for function and contraction of gall bladder can mimic pain patient experience wehn having a gall bladder attack. Some patients get abdominal pain or nausea.
Not typically. The ejection fraction portion of the hida scan is not performed unless the tubes connecting everything in the biliary tree are patent. Then, an analog to a hormone the body makes naturally is injected via a slow IV infusion, just like the body does. This hormone analog stimulates the gallbladder to contract, very similar to eating fat. In some patients, it can recreate the pain they are having.
Shouldn't be. The ejection fraction should not be done if there is no visualization of the gallbladder or bowel after 60 minutes of imaging. This might mean that the ducts are already occluded. If the gallbladder is visualized after 60 minutes, the ejection fraction hida scan should show how well it functions, and it shouldn't be painful.
Sometimes. To measure the ejection fraction of your gallbladder you will be given a drug that stimulates it to contract. If the ducts are all open and normal, the gallbladder will contract, eject whatever is in it, and that will be that. If the duct (or ducts) are blocked or occluded then the gallbladder will try to empty through the blocked duct and you can have pain.

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