What are the best steps to take when caring for a large abrasion (road rash)?

Keep clean. Gently clean with mild soap and water; avoid products like peroxide and alcohol which will not only kill the bad bugs, but also the cells trying to regrow tissue and fight infection. Otherwise, keep he wound moist with products like vaseline. Antibiotic ointment can be used if he wound is red, draining, or warm...But if that is true you really should see your dr. Oh, is your tetanus up to date?
Wash soap/water. keep clean--twice a day soap and water.use antibiotic cream 3 times a day.
Keep covered. Cloth tape can allow the new cells to grow across the surface . 3 m micropore tape works like a cast for a bone and healing can be accomplished depending on the width of the wound in about a week with a pinkish surface.