My skin in very itchy on the top of my legs my bum and my belly. I have no rash or raised bumps. I haven't changed diet. Washing detergent.

Doctor can evaluate. Itching usually means there is histamine being released in the skin, often as part of an allergic reaction to something. A primary care doctor or a dermatologist can check to see what might be making the skin itch. Skin dryness, or reactions to foods or medications, can cause itching. Occasionally, a person with internal problems like liver or kidney disease can also get itching.

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I have very itchy skin all over my body. Mainly legs and stomach areas. There are no bumps or rashes anywhere. Mainly happens when showering/sleeping?

Itching. Generalized itching without associated rash is often due to very dry skin. After showering, rub in a moisturizing substance like keri lotion to restore oils to your skin. Other causes could be diabetes,prickly heat, thyroid disorder or certain malignancies like lymphoma. A dermatologist could advise you and order any appropriate tests. Read more...

I have a rash that shows up on my hands, arms, legs and stomach. It comes and goes. The skin is never raised, but it's splotchy and very itchy.?

Probably hives. sounds like urticaria (hives). If the rash is going on over 2-3 weeks you need to an allergist to find the cause. Visit us at to learn how treating the cause can relieve skin rashes and many other common ailments. . Read more...