Is alcohol poisoning always fatal? How does it kill people?

Not Always. It is not always fatal.The risk of death is due to respiratory problems, aspiration pnumonia leading to respiratory arrest in sleep, seizures and coma.

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In alcohol poisoning what stages do you go through before it becomes fatal?

It's basically being. super drunk. When someone is highly intoxicated, they get central nervous system depression, starting out obtunded (very sleepy but can be roused), progressing to sleep from which they cannot be roused with normal interventions, followed by gradual slowing of respiration. If the alcohol level stays as high or rises, respirations slow further until the body doesnt get enough oxygen and heart stops. Read more...

Can alcohol poisoning kill you? How badly can it damage you liver and kidneys if you've had it 3 times?

Too much alcohol. Too much alcohol can kill you in many ways, such as it can put you in a coma and acidosis, you can fall and hit your head, you can get into an accident driving and you can hurt others in accident or even emotionally. The risk of liver and later kidney disease if from prolonged intake of alcohol and constant damage to the tissues. Read more...