What is the best protein shake to consume after quimoterapy?

Depends. For most people boost shakes provide enough protein and other nutrients. However, for diabetics there are lower sugar options. For an expensive way to make a shake similar to boost - add carnation instant breakfast to whole milk.

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Can I drink Protein Shake during chemotherapy, Her2 positive, stage 1?

CanOrWise? Big Issue. Since may chemo Tx's interfere with cell reproduction, intestinal lining cells typically replace every 3 days, GI problems very common. A high quality shake you make yourself from quality ingredients might assist digestion/nutrition & side effects. Most commercial shakes are ↑↑carb, not ↑↑protein/fat (more likely helpful). Why? Carbs ↓$, ? ↑taste appeal & easier to mix in water than protein & fat.
Yes. During chemotherapy you need to maintain a good level of nutrition intake however you can get it. Protein shakes are a very good choice, Good luck to you!