A recent blood test showed my mean blood glucose at 114, yet the clinician said all was normal. Should I be concerned? Get a 2nd opinion maybe?

Need clarification. If your clinician said it was the mean glucose, i suspect s/he did an A1c (a way to look at the average sugar over past few months). 114 is equiv to an A1c of 5.6, which is upper limit of normal. If 114 was a fasting glucose, that is in the pre-diabetes range (abnormal). Repeat testing is advised to confirm either. If you are pre-diabetic, take this seriously-full diabetes can be prevented/delayed.
Fasting? If you were not fasting glucose levels may be higher than 100. Fasting >127 is diabetic, 101-126 is prediabetic. Your dr. May repeat the glucose in a fasting state and with 2 hours after giving glucose( mini glucose tolerance test) or get the A1c test.
Could be fine. Different labs have different reference ranges. Also, were you fasting? That makes a difference. A fasting level above 126 is diagnostic of diabetes. If you have a family history or personal symptoms that concern you for a sugar problem, it might be appropriate to do a glucose tolerance test and/or a hemoglobin A1c to further evaluate. Regardless, a low glycemic index diet is best for everyone.
Watch it. A fasting glucose of 114 needs to be monitored. Normal is 80-100. You likely have a condition called "impaired glucose tolerance". It is not diabetes, but "pre-diabetes". It's important for you to monitor your calories, specifically from carbohydrates. A glycohemoglobin test, which reflects your glucose levels over the last 90 days, would also be helpful in determining your metabolic state.
No, but. Need to start cutting back not only on sweets, but on carbohydrates, which are 2 sugars put together, and include 'white' foods like bread, rice, pasta, potatoes, tortillas, etc. It also makes a big difference to start burning more sugars by exercising 15 minutes daily (if ok with your doctor). Consider glucose tolerance test, check sugars periodically and continue to follow up regularly.