What are the pain management options open to me during birth?

Options. Options include not receiving any medications at all, some patients feel strongly that they wish to experience every aspect of the birth of their child. The most significant pain of labor is during the late stage as the baby passes the lower birth canal. Epidural catheters are highly effective for this and allow mothers to have very good pain control while being able to fully experience the birth.
3 options. Option 1: natural childbirth including lamaze, relaxation, breathing techniques, use of a focal point, etc. Option 2: pain medication given as an injection or intravenous. Option 3: epidural-an injection given in the back which takes away the pain from the waist down. While still allowing you to move around freely in the labor bed.
Labor Pain Thearpy. The most often used pain management techniques used during labor are spinal and epidural anesthetics or a combination of both. Additionally, a obgyn may provide a pudendal nerve block. Very rarely systemic narcotics are given.