Accutane leaving scar tissue on my face resulted in no hair growth in that area of my face is there anyway to grow that hair?

No. Lack of hair growth within scar tissue is a sign that the hair follicles have been permanently damaged and replaced by scar tissue instead of normal collagen. There is no way to regrow the hair within scar tissue. Even hair transplant plugs do not grow well within scar tissue due to lack of adequate blood supply.
Doubt. If you have acne scars on your face, your hair folicles are most likely irreversibly scarred as well that will make it impossible to restore your hair. I doubt that hair transplantation will help, as the hair bed is damaged by scarring. I would just recur to daily shaving to level the existing hair with the skin.
Unusual. It is unusual for acne scarring to result in hair loss on the face. A trial of dilute kenalog (triamcinolone) injections into the area may allow hair growth. A small punch biopsy can determine if there are still hairs in that area. Another option is to use 5 per cent rogaine once a day for 2-3 months to determine if it will stimulate hairs present below the surface.
Accutane or acne sca. Was it the cystic scarring acne that you might have for which you take the accutane, that caused the scarring? Scarring from Accutane is not proven but cases have been reported, but the laser resurfacing can cause scarring without Accutane too! once hair is not growing in scars, single hair transplants might be a good treatment. Have a physician refer you to a hiar transplant specialist.