My hubby underwent the nordic treatment for mantle cell lymph and is in complete remission. What is the overall sucess rate for this treatment?

80% at 4 yrs. Here is the full-text paper of the nordic regimen: http://bloodjournal.Hematologylibrary.Org/content/112/7/2687.Full at ~4 yrs after treatment, overall survival is ~80%. There has not been long enough follow-up to say that patients are truly cured, but many researchers believe this regimen will cure some patients with mcl. Your hubby being in remission is a good sign!
More info needed. Your question cannot be answered without more information. Age and mipi (mantle cell lymphoma international prognostic index), and his precise treatment can help answer this question. Exactly what treatment did your husband have? Was it the nordic protocol with high dose chemotehrapy and stem cell rescue?