I am 10 weeks pg and have had 3 previous losses-one at 22 weeks. Yrs ago I was told I have a partially septate uterus. Should I tell this to the new dr?

Yes, absolutely. You should tell your doctor all of your obstetrical, medical and surgical history. This information may be critical to assisting you with an optimal outcome for your pregnancy. Abnormalities of the uterus can sometimes be related to pregnancy loss and occasionally require surgery to correct for a successful pregnancy. There are other causes for pregnancy loss your doctor can review with you.
Yes! It is very important for your doctor to be aware of your complete OB history. It will be helpful for them to know the symptoms you were or were not having around the time of the loss and the weeks of the other two pregnancy losses. It will be very important to check the length of your cervix over next couple of months with ultrasounds. Congratulations on the new pregnancy!
Yes. You should never be afraid to tell your doctor anything regarding your health. It is often pertinent in your health history.