My 2 yr old has a diaper rash n she hates the over the count creams. What else can I use?

Vaseline. It is the best skin fixer-upper there is. It blocks moisture from causing skin breakdown, allowing the skin to heal. It also doesn't cause pain when applied, and will help with chafing. It's ok to use even when there isn't skin irritation. Good luck!
Aquaphor ointment. I find it works really well; some parents also swear by solid crisco! It also helps to change her diaper the minute she goes, let her air dry before putting the new diaper on, and even use a spray bottle with water to clean the area (rather than pre-moistened diaper wipes, which have chemicals that can sting) and pat dry with tissues. If that doesn't help, she should see her doctor.

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My 2&1/2 yr old grandson has a pretty bad diaper rash he's in a lot of pain however he will not and never has let us give him OTC children's liquid ty?

Diaper rash. Please try a diaper rash cream such as Triple paste, and leave his diaper off as often as is practical to allow the skin to be free of moisture. If the rash is very very red, you should take him to the pediatrician to see if it is Candida and requires a medicated diaper cream.