What is a tubular pregnancy the symptoms and treatment?

Real emergency. Tubular pregnancies are serious emergencies. If there is possibility of pregnancy associated to lower abdominal pain right or left associated or not to mild vaginal bleeding. If there is any doubt pts must be screened with transvaginal ultrasound, blood test and if highly suspicious ....In the operating room with a needle through the culdesac around the cervix. Treatment is inmediate surgery.
Ectopic pregnancy. A pregnancy that begins and implants in other than the uterus is called an ectopic pregnancy. When implantation is in the fallopian tube and is called a tubal pregnancy. Symptoms early similar to a normal pregnancy and the test for pregnancy will be positive. Pregnancy cannot proceed normally and vaginal bleeding, abdominal pain, cramping pain in pelvic area, fainting may occur. Call doc asap.