Can ramipril be taken as an internativetof amlodipine?

Ramipril use? Both ramipril (r) and amlodipine (a) are used to treat hbp. R reduces proteinuria (p) while a does not. R can cause a cough and a can cause some edema of the legs, as their most common side effects. Speak to your physician to see if r can replace a in your case. To achieve their maximum effect, especially to reduce any p, r's dose should be 20 mg/day and a's should be 10 mg/day. Good luck.
Maybe. If it is being taken strictly for blood pressure, both can be helpful for blood pressure. Ramipril is an ace inhibitor- it may have benefits to kidney health and for heart healing after a heart attack. Amlodipine is a calcium channel blocker. It can be very helpful for blood pressure, and it has a low medication interaction problem as compared to otherss.