Is it a good idea to take you own fat and/or body tissiue and have it added to bust to make them bigger.?

Depends... On: why are u doing it? Will it enhance your self-esteem and social life? It's expensive and insurance won't cover any plastic surgery: can u afford it? It is significant surgery: are u willing to take the risks? Do you live where the men ur interested are attracted to big-breasted women, like florida? If u go ahead, you need to be very cautious about the surgeon: get consultaion & recommend.
It's debatable. Although it can generate fine results, there are still some issues that create concerns with this technique. The injected fat may cause some scarring and calcifications that may look like or may obscure a cancer during screening. There are also concerns about the effects of injected stem cells on the development of breast cancer. The asps and asaps currently do not recommend this for augmentation.
Maybe. Fat transfer for breast augmentation is performed by many plastic surgeons. Whether or not this is the best option for augmentation of your breasts is a discussion best left to your plastic surgeon who can discuss your health history and your goals with you to determine the ideal treatment plan with you.
Probably not. Although there is a lot of work currently being done with enhancement of the breasts using fat, this work is still considered somewhat experimental. When there are very good alternatives to fat grafting such as the use of the implants that are available today, it would be hard to justify the added time and expense as well as the potential long term effects of using body fat in the breasts.
Yes with some caveat. Results are very good but do not replace implants. Experience with the procedure, adequate follow up, and technique used are critical in success of lipotransfer fat grafting. The amount of new data on the subject is staggering. I am very much in favor.
Depends. If you want larger breasts then you can have surgery to enhance them with implants or with your own fat. Using your own fat is definitely more time consuming and therefore more costly than implants.
Controversial. Many plastic surgeons are tarnsferring a patient's fat to the breasts to make them larger. Because of the possibilities of fat necrosis, calcification, and altered mammogram the technique is still considered controversial. Discuss all your options with a board-certified plastic surgeon.
Breast Fat Transfer. This is an evolving area of research. Fat grafting to the breast n large volumes should currently only be performed in a carefully monitored setting with good followup so we can monitor for complications as we learn more about this procedure. It can be very effective but currently requires either multiple surgeries or wearing of a cumbersome suction device for several weeks for best results.
Fat transfer breast. Fat transfer to the breast is an emerging option for breast augmentation which previously had generated great controversy in the past. To see one such example of a surgery in a physician patient, view this video: http://www.Youtube.Com/watch?V=afrix6hncdk or this page: http://www.Bodysculptor.Com/breast-surgery-chicago/fat-grafting/.
Yes, maybe. Fat transfer to the breasts will give you a mild increase in breast size, say one cup size. However, repeated transfers can increase it several cup sizes over time. The fat transferred must survive, so your capillaries must grow in to the fat cells to feed it for survival, otherwise it is lost. The procedure is great if you understand it's limitations and are willing to undergo several sessions.
Fat injections. The use of your own fat to augment the breast, buttock, and face has been increasing in popularity. Research to date shows that it is a safe and effective procedure. The amount of breast enlargement is more restrained than with implants, achieving a 1 to 2 cup size augmentation. The results are very natural. You may require more than one procedure.