If I had a tumor in my inner ear, what would the symptoms be? Would a ear infec. With roaring& some dizziness be it? Would it be constant?

Hearing & Balance. Tumors of the inner ear are not common. The most common tumor of the ear would be an acoustic neuroma which is benign and not cancer. Most present with hearing loss - usually gradual but can be sudden. Tinnitus (abnormal sound in the ear) is possible as well. Dizziness is a very uncommon presenting symptom because these tumors usually grow very slowly the body compensates for the loss of balance.
Symptoms. The inner ear is the place for the vestibular and hearing nerves. So, the symptoms may range from hyperacusis to hypoacusis (buzzing/ringing to decreased hearing) and balance issues (dizziness, nausea, vomiting etc.). A tumor usually produces continuous symptoms (may not necessarily be constant) unless treated. An enlarging one will make symptoms gradually worse.