How to tell if I have astigmatism?

Most people do. Most people have astigmatism which is when the front of the eye is not a perfect sphere. With significant astigmatism, your uncorrected (without glasses or contacts) vision is blurred. So if you don't have blurred vision, you don't have significant astigmatism. If you do have blurred vision, your eye doctor can tell you if it is due astigmatism or another cause.
Astigmatism. It's hard to know if you have astigmatism without an eye exam. Astigmatism is one type of refractive error. Myopia (or nearsightedness), hyperopa (or farsightedness), and astigmatism all can cause refractive error which is what causes a patient to require glasses or contact lenses to see better. Astigmatism is typically when the cornea is shaped more like a football than a basketball.

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How can I tell whether I have an astigmatism or a lazy eye and astigmatism?

Eye exam. A careful eye exam can help detect astigmatism - regular and irregular and the presence of underlying amblyopia. Sometimes, astigmatisma causes amblyopia. Read more...
Eye exam. Astigmatism can be checked for during a refraction. Also can be visualized with corneal topography (regular and irregular astigmatism). If the astigmatism was large and uncorrected making one eye weak while the other was strong during visual development, then a lazy eye can happen. Sometimes the lazy eye can drift if not staying focused. Read more...