My elbow has been hurting for over a month now. It hurts right over the bone, I have less strentgh and some radiating pain. What should I do?

Tennis elbow? The common causes of elbow pain include: 1) tennis elbow, pain on the outside, difficulty holding/grasping a handle on a gallon of milk. 2) golfers elbow, pain on the inside of the elbow, squeezing the hand, lifting with palm up, flexing wrist towards elbow, occasional finger numbness. Treat with ice, nsaid's, elbow strap and avoidance of painful activities. If pain > 1 mos then see your doctor.
See a doc! It's difficult to determine this over the internet without a good exam. Icing the area is a good idea, along with antiinflammatories, such as Aleve (naproxen) or Motrin intermittently. But if this has been persistent over 1-2 weeks, then it should be examined by a doctor.
Evaluation by M.D. Bony pain in your elbow that has not resolved for over a month is an indication for evaluation by your physician. X-rays will likely be required to determine your exact diagnosis.
What's new? Put on your detective hat & think of clues. What new activities were you doing right before your arm started complaining? Other prime suspects: exercises, more digital time? If you can find the trigger, you can prevent re-injury. Good luck. Feel better.