Girl treated 10 days ago IV abx then 7 days cipro (ciprofloxacin) (end 2days ago) 4 klebsiella oxytoca pneumonia, today complains of pain/burning on urination. Uti?

Need to check urine. She will need to have urine culture checked for culture and sensitivity, there could be resistant organism.
Urology evaluation. This patient needs to see a urologist as s0on as possible. She also needs to have aurine culture done and a renal and bladder ultrasound. One needs to make sure that there are no anatomic abnormailties in the urinary tract.
Another or same UTI. Klebsiella can be a difficult organism to eradicate. 7 days antibiotic treatment was not long enough if girl had pyelonephritis, which i suspect if she was initially treated iv. She certainly seems to have a UTI now. Other possibilities are: original organism was resistant to Cipro (ciprofloxacin) or the original klebsiella, if sensitive at first, transformed and acquired resistance. She needs a new antibiotic.