When do I decide that it is time for remicade (infliximab) for ulcerative colitis?

When it's bad enough. See your GI doc. Remicade (infliximab) recently ok'd for uc, as well as crohn's. Like steroids, can put people in remission quickly; unlike steroids can maintain it. If Mesalamine orally and rectally don't work, if immuno-suppressives like 6-meraptopurine or azathioprine don't work; if need to stay on steroids, or repeatedly go on steroids, or severe sx, consider remicade, (infliximab) cyclosporin, or even surgery.
All else failed? Several first line agents failures will indicate the need for a more potent immune modulator like remicade (infliximab).

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Is there anyone on remicade (infliximab) for ulcerative colitis?

Plenty. Remicade (infliximab) has been shown to work in ulcerative colitis as well as crohn's disease. Can induce remission and maintain remission.

I may be starting remicade (infliximab) treatment in few weeks for severe left sided ulcerative colitis. Can I use predinosone for temp relief?

Not on your own. Ulcerative colitis is a serious medical condition that need to be under constant medical supervision to achieve prolonged periods of remissions, and prevent complications like bleeding, colitis, perforations, systemic diseases and malignancy, if your physician prescribes predinosone (steroids) you should take.
Yes. Many times as we treat autoimmune diseases such as ulcerative colitis to lupus with steroids, steroids can play a major role in disease control. Many times, we try to wean steroids as other medications such as remicade (infliximab).Are used to treat the underlying diseases.
Yes. Prednisone is commonly prescribed to help control symptoms while Remicade (infliximab) is being initiated. It needs to be done with close supervision by your GI md.

I have ulcerative colitis in remission & been on remicade (infliximab) for 12 years. Any chance probiotics could allow me to wean off remicade (infliximab) (freq infections).?

You should ask your. Gi doctor. Your concern about the infections linked to the biologic is real.
Doubtful. Have you had a surgical consultation? Longstanding uc increases risk of developing colon cancer. At a minimum you need frequent colonoscopies.

Is anyone suffering with ulcerative colitis and having infliximab treatment effect?

About 30%. Effective in about 30%. Effect may be short-lived or long term. Expensive, inconvenient therapy but may allow surgery in a healthier patient. A surgeon should always be part of the therapy team for a patient with uc who does not respond to the usual treat ment plan.

For 10 yrs I've been on 6mp for Ulcerative Colitis with ups and downs. How should I decide between 6mp, Entyvio, and Remicade/Humira moving forward?

Ulcerative Colitis. By visiting a gastroenterology clinic that you feel takes excellent care of your UC, keeps you informed of any changes needed, makes you feel like you are important, and calls you back within 12-24 hours of a phone call to their office. Finding the right doctor (s) for your condition is essential. Excellent doctors can also provide excellent insight into which medication (s) would work best for you.
Treatment decisions. This is a very personal matter. If your illness is not well controlled on your current medication, 1. Do you want to change drugs? 2. Do you want to add a medication. 3. Can you administer the medication yourself or can you get IV medication in the recommended schedule. 4. What are the side effects? How long has the medication been available? You need a doctor you trust. Best wishes.

Can the medications typically taken for ulcerative colitis (remicade, 6mp) effect male infertility?

Usually not. Remicade (infliximab) has lot of other side effects but not male infertility.
Perhaps. Infliximab may decrease sperm motility and the number of normal oval forms. Whether these changes translate into impaired fertility is unknown. 6mp has been rarely associated with birth defects even when the father takes the medication. The benefits, however, often outweigh the risks and you need to discuss this with your doctor.
Bank sperm. Before starting any treatment protocol that may have an effect on fertility, consider banking a few ejaculations. It's not that expensive and provides peace of mind.
Caution. Remicade (infliximab) has not been associated with male infertility. Also women being treated for a disease with remicade, (infliximab) it can be continued if the concern for disease control is high.6\mp is a different type of drug and works differently. Cases of infertility exist when the drug is used in higher cancer dosages. It appears in may have less of an affect on fertility at lower dosages. Talk with ur doctor.