What can I do to prevent razor burn?

Razor Burn Prevent. 1. Start with a high quality, sharp razor and change it out frequently. 2. Warm face with water to open pores and soften beard. 3. Use a lubricant or cream and leave on for at least 60-90 sec before shaving. 4. Drag the razor lightly over the face, do not push! 5. Keep the razor in contact with face versus lifting up after a stroke. 6. Apply lotion or hydrocortisone. Or, grow a beard!
Razor burn. Insure that you use fresh sharp blades vice dull blades. If the hair is more than several mm long – then trim it before shaving it. Wash the area before shaving – warm water can help to soften the hairs. Use a lubricant when shaving. Avoid using products that contain alcohol or are scented. Shave in the direction of the hair – not against it. Be gentle when shaving – don’t push down too hard.