Which nasal spray should I buy for my allergies?

Talk with your doc. The best for nasal allergies is a corticosteroid nasal spray (flonase, nasonex, (mometasone) rhinocort, etc.) that must be prescribed by your doctor. These all work about the same, though some people may respond better to 1 vs another. Dryness can be helped by otc saline sprays. Otc nasal rinses (e.g. Neti pot) can help as well. Avoid using otc decongestant sprays for more than ~3 days at a time. See your md.

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Where can I buy the cheapest allergy nasal spray; which ones are generic now?

Depends... Different insurance companies have different preferred brands. Nasal sprays can have different medicines;. Common ones are saline, steroids, or antihistamines. Fluticasone nasal is one generic steroid available in the usa. Some drug companies offer "drug assistance" programs and "discount cards". Call your insurance company, ask a local pharmacist, or search for discount cards on the internet.

What kind of nasal spray and pills could I use if allergy?

Allergy meds. Over-the-counter (otc)medications such as Allegra or zyrtec or their generic equilavents work well. Nasalcrom is an otc nasal spray which helps allergy but has to be used often (5x/day). Nasal saline spray is helpful also. It cleans the nose of allergens, like dust and pollen, and acts as a mild decongestant. If symptoms persist, they may not be allergy--see your doctor.

What is the best nasal spray for allergies? Intended for long term use.

Nasal steroids. The nasal steroids as a class are the drugs of choice. None of them is the best. Patients often like one better than the other so it is reasonable to try a few. Some patients get good relief with nasal antihistamines.

So I'm always getting stuffy noses in the summer and I'm not sure if its allergies or something worse. The only thing that really helps is nasal spray?

Nasal spray. Containing steroids and/or antihistamines should help along with avoidance of offending agents or allergens. Consider seeing an allergist for allergy testing and immunotherapy. Take care! Http://www. Livestrong. Com/article/177311-natural-herbal-remedies-for-allergies/#page=1 h ttp://www. M.Webmd. Com/allergies/spring-allergy-tips.

How long can I use Zicam allergy nasal spray for?

Recall concern. Fda posted a warning concerning intranasal zinc. .."while Zicam also makes zinc-containing oral cold remedies, these are not subject to this warning because the development of anosmia appears to be related to the intranasal application of zinc." anosmia is the liss of smell. You should consult your physician regarding this warning.

I have chronic allergy, and iam taking avamys as nasal spray for life time but it contain fluticasone it ok?

Avamys=fluticasone. Avamys is a brand name, given by the manufacturer. The real name of the medication (generic) is fluticasone propionate. It is an effective nasal steroid.

Dymista nasal spray. What is the maximum dosage daily for my severe allergies? How effective is it? Thanks drs.

Dymista. The maximum daily dose is one spray per nostril twice daily. The combination of the nasal steroid and the nasal antihistamine in one spray has been shown to be very efficacious.
Usually 2x daily. The recommended dose is 1 spray each nostril twice daily although 2 sprays twice daily have been used for a few days by some patients without any adverse effects. It is likely one of the most effective medication for allergic rhinitis but some people have such severe problem that no medication would work. If you need to use Dymista more than the recommended dose, consider seeing an allergist.