Daughter wants me to live with her, her husband I never liked. Would miss my friends, indep. Why can't daughter ask al director, aides for more help?

Consider. Consider sitting down with her and your primary care doctor to discuss your options and needs. This may just be the only option she has considered and a way she feels she is able to help. Many times there is a break in communication and this needs to be discussed with an independent third party/ mediator in a open environment. Insurance and costs however need to be considered.
Family or Nursing Ho. Never hurts to ask primary dr. To see if her insurance will allow more hours of home health. Most insurances have limitations for home health aid. But if to live independently is risky because risks of falls, getting lost, not taking care of things , not taking medicines, is high ...Other type of living arrangement should be made so pt. Can have more supervision.
More help from aides. Too many problems possible with living with your daughter, as everyone may get upset. Get some professional counseling to help you work out a plan for your future, that maintains your independence as long as possible.