What can cause the top layer of skin on my penis glans to peel away?

Penile skin. Lack of lubrication from skene's glands which surround the penis and also some dermatological conditions can cause dryness and peeling.

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What causes skin to crack and peel no itching no STD on penis glans and under leaving severe sensitivity and thin shiny scarred skin under glans?

Cracking skin. There are a number of infections and other skin conditions that could cause this. It would be best to be seen by your doctor who could determine what it is. A common condition is candida and it is easily treated. Read more...

Why is the skin peeling on my penis glans even though it's moist (I'm uncircumcised)?

Here are some ... Your most reasonable bid to effectively care for what you described is go to see a urologist who will review the story about what you have experienced and decide if trying topical Rx with antifungal - steroid cream + heighten topical hygiene would help control what you got or if circumcision be the way to go for long-term care. So, seek pro-evaluation and counseling timely. Read more...