Is it safe to pour hydrogen peroxide in my ear to remove earwax?

Safe yes smart no. As a general rule your ear canal and everything in it should not be touched either by water, qtips, bobby pins or peroxide. The only thing these things do is anger the ear canal skin and angry ear canal skin responds by making more wax. Unless you can not hear due to wax leave your ear alone. If you feel as if your wax is a problem see an ENT doctor. We are wax specialists.
Be careful! I would recommend it; just a few drops is all you need...Then let sit for a few minutes. Never stick q-tips in your ears! if the problem doesn't 'sound' any better then have your doctor examine you; you may need a cerumen flush.
There's better. Hydrogen peroxide melts ear wax down, and that's great if it's bothering you. However, it can cause irritation in the ear canal. There are products like debrox that also melt ear wax, and mineral oil can too. If it's too bothersome a doctor can prescribe colace (docusate sodium) drops, liquid wax that can help soften up ear wax so it comes out naturally.
Yes. Hydrogen peroxide has been around for ages and one of its popular uses is to soften ear wax. Yes, it's safe, as long as the ear drum isn't perforated. However, a newer, more improved product to soften ear wax is debrox, which combines hydrogen peroxide and oil.
Mix with warm water. Agree with dr a. You can mix hydrogen peroxide with warm water (our special office mix!). Generic colace (docusate sodium) (docusate) drops are over the counter now (where the constipation products for kids are).