What can I eat for my acid reflux?

Lecithin. Lecithin, limonene and galactan - first comes from avocado, second from orange peels, third kefir probiotics.
GERD diet. You should identify the foods that aggravate your reflux symptoms, such as spicy foods, fatty foods, french fries, onions, tomato and citrus juices, chocolate, and mints. And avoid them. Limit consumption of alcohol and caffeine containing beverages. Eat smaller meals, and avoid overfilling your stomach. Avoid lying down for 2 hours after eating. Avoid smoking and all tobacco products.
No flammable foods. Agree with dr k. Also avoid caffeine, alcohol, chocolate, mint, spicy foods, tomato. Chill out, sit down, eat slowly.
Eat non-acidic foods. A person with heartburn should avoid vinegar and other acidic foods or liquids. Sodas (carbonated drinks), orange juice, and many other juices are acidic. The person is likely already taking acid blockers and antacids to decrease acidity in the stomach. It would be bad to eat or drink more acid, because the whole point of treatment is to decrease acid in the stomach and esophagus.
Avoid "secretagoges" Avoid:vitamin c, citric fruits or juices, spices, hot sauces, tomato, alcoholic beverages, smoking, caffeine in coffee, sodas, chocolate or tea, chewing gums or candy with peppermint, mint, menthol, phenol ( for bad breath), Aspirin . Sleep sitting instead of flat. Avoid abdominal pressure by elastics, girdles. You may drink milk or dairy, calcium( tums), vegetables, baked soda (sodium bicarbonate).
What to avoid. More than what to eat, you really should ask what to avoid. Spicy foods and citrus products are typically blamed but is not the acid in these products, but the oils. In fact, any oily or fatty food will contributed to reflux. Alcohol and smoking also make it worse.
Almonds. 5-10 almonds before or after meals is helpful against reflux. Avoid caffeinated products with meals, try and chew well, eat slower and take a zip of water every bite or two.
Poor digestion. Poor digestion makes food rot causing Lactic Acid build up and pain - need betaine hcl, choline, bromelain to heal.
Acid reflux diet. The best diet for acid reflux is a bland diet, that is on in which there is a minimum of spicy foods. Nearly everyone with acid reflux can obtain some relief by chewing or swallowing an anti acid.