Good diagnosis technique papillary cancer? Http://thyroid. About. Com/od/cancergoiternodules/a/veracyte-afirma-thyroid-analysis-nodules. Htm"

Start w/the basics. A better question is: how do you diagnose a thyroid mass? Since 99% of thyroid masses are benign, you wouldn't start out by looking for one type of tumor. Feel the neck and observe for multiple lumps. Go to an ultrasound to check out the fluicd content (suggesting cysts). If it appears to be a solid mass, go for either a nuclear scan or a needle biopsy. Open biopsy or surgery comes last.
For some ppl. The science behind veracyte seems reasonable- they r using cytogenetics to further characterize cases that are 'indeterminate' by pathology alone (trying to reduce the number of ppl who undergo surgery for indeterminate biopsy results). As long as their pathologists are good and not more likely to call cases indeterminate just to do more cytogenetics, it should be reasonable.
Workout. If you have a nodule that is of concern based on characteristics then a biopsy would be indicated. This is the only way to make an accurate diagnosis.