When playing golf, my lower back causes me pain?

Many causes exist. Low back pain is common in golfers. Many causes are possible: disc bulging/herniations, muscle strain, facet joint inflammation or ligamentous sprain. Treatments include relative rest and medications for the acute symptoms. For long term relief, strengthen the abdominal (core) and pelvic muscles and stretch the hamstrings and hip flexors. A swing coach/pro can help correct poor technique.
Question too vague. But if your lower back hurts during golfing rather than later it would lead me to suspect a vertebral problem. Sometimes a great chiropractor can help or have your doctor take plain films of your back in 2 planes then have you see a pt who specializes in the spine.
Golf is not comforta. Playing golf is not comfortable for the the twisting involvef with th lednetterswinh is not physiologic many pros spemd weeks outxwithback injuries. Work with a swing coach get a less injurios swing (compact)or listen to your body and leave the driver at home.

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I had lower back pain since long which use to get better and often come back. The pain never travel towards legs or no weakness is felt. I play golf?

Have fun. Ok to play golf with the symptoms as described. If it gets worse, or the pain goes down the legs, weakness develops, or difficulty controlling urine, see your doctor ASAP. Hope this helps!