What is stronger Hydrocodone syrup or promethazine codeine syrup In otherwords, which is more addicting or which one has a stronger sedative effect


Hydrocodone is a narcotic and should never be taken without a prescription. As a general rule, when experiencing pain always try a non-narcotic pain medication first, such as Advil, Aleve, Tylenol, etc, before taking a narcotic, even when the narcotic has been prescribed by your doctor. Pain rarely kills, but narcotics can. especially when combined with alcohol or other sedatives.
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Hydrocodone is stronger than codeine, so my opinion is that hydrocodone cough syrup would be generally considered more addicting. As far as sedation, however, both codeine AND promethazine are known to cause sedation, as is hydrocodone, so this all depends on the patient and how he/she reacts to the various ingredients. Can't really say one would be more or less sedating than the other.
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