I sprained my little toe, how do I heal it?

Taping to next toe. A sprained toe can be taped to the next toe, just be careful to not tape it too tightly. Sprains that don't heal need to be checked by your doctor to rule out a fracture or other injury.
Pinky toe blues. How to get rid of the "blues": ice 20 minutes on/20 minutes off during 1st week. After 1 week, heat or ice, whatever feels better. Arnica. Nsaids like Ibuprofen with food if your stomach's okay. Gentle stretching. If gets worse or not better in 2 weeks, see your doc. Hope your pinky's happy soon!
If indeed all it. Is is a sprain you can wrap it with coban or coflex a material that is available in the local pharmacy. You need to make sure you don't apply it to tight as you don;t want to cut off your circulation. You also should apply it from end of digit to base of digit. If pain is persistant you may have broke it and an x-ray would confirm this. Ice is good as well.