Request Ambien (zolpidem) taper schedule. Current dose = Ambien (zolpidem) 5mg and Ambien (zolpidem) cr 6.5mg q.D. At bed for ssri taper. 1 month clear of ssri, doing well...Desire taper from ambien (zolpidem). Otc meds (melatonin) help?

Work w/your doctor. For this question, it's best to work with your own physician so that you and s/he can be on the same page together. You need to be followed so that help is available if any of your symptoms return, etc.
If u stop Ambien (zolpidem) You will have one night of bad sleep then return to tour baseline level of bad sleep. Maybe just go with a 5 mg dose but if you re develop insomnia do not consider it a failure to resume. Without sleep you may find yourself back on an ssri. If u have had depression more than once it's recommended to stay on something. Think neuroprotection. Brain is healthier on meds and treated. Gd luck.