What is the best treatment for lupus?

A good doctor... After reading some of the other answers from my colleagues... In my opinion the best treatments for lupus are a good rheumatologist; and more importantly...A positive attitude!
No BEST! If you have lupus, see a reputable rheumatologist. That doctor will guide you in the treatment of this terrible and chronic disease. You may need to see several physicians with lupus. It affects multiple parts of the body. Treatment may be varied and may change from time to time. If there are concerns, get a second or third opinion perhaps from a tertiary referral center. Best 2 u in 2-0-1-2!
Varies. That would depend on the type and manifestations of the lupus in an individual patient. No one treatment is "the best" in all cases.

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What is the best treatment for lupus nephiritis?

Many! Many options, depending on severity and your current treatment. Pulsing IV steroids at high dose, cellcept, (mycophenolate mofetil) benlysta, azothioprine, cyclophosphamide, azothioprine, Methotrexate are all options, alone or in combination. Your treatment should be coordinated by someone in rheumatology and/or nephrology! Read more...