What do you mean by fascial distortion treatment and is it good for getting rid of pain of fibromyalgia?

Never heard of it. Within allopathic medicine, we lean towards sleep-wake cycle maintenance, exercise, and physical therapy as the mainstays of treatment for fibromyalgia. Antidepressants such as Cymbalta also work well, as does lyrica (pregabalin). Tca's such as notriptyline are used successfully, and nsaids are indicated. Narcotics are contraindicated for fibromyalgia as there is no evidence to support its usage.
Theory. Fascial distortion therapy and orthopathy are theories among many about myofascial pain (and fibromyalgia). They are not standard of care, as there is little supporting research. Unfortunately, fibromyalgia has no known cure and treatment theories abound online, promising results. Be a cautious consumer of treatments that are unfounded. Some may exacerbate your condition rather than remedy it.