Recently my both of feet have been swelling, throbbing and hurt so bad that it hurts to walk. What could be causing this?

Legs swelling. There are several conditions that can cause this to happen. For example it could be edema due to heart or kidney problems, or a circulatory problem. Clots in the vessels can cause swelling but it usually is one one side, although the throbbing is suggestive of vessel involment. You need to call your doctor and get an examination asap to find out what is wrong and what the correct treatment is.
Several things. But for certain you shoul seek medical attention. Are you elevating them over your heart as much as you can and limiting your salt intake?
Many things . Bilateral swelling feet are common in anybody after walking too much, standing too much, sitting too much. Also is common in congestive heart failure, kidney disorders, liver disorders, chronic venous insufficiency. Medications like Lyrica (pregabalin) & Gabapentin do it. There are others like neuropathy, hypoproteinemia, amyloidosis etc.See your dr.

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