How do I like she confirm cancer has not spread (staging info) before surgery? Http://www. Bbc. Co.Uk/news/world-latin-america-16342685

You are correct. President kirchner was just diagnosed with papillary thyroid cancer. Staging this cancer requires completion of the operation, followed, in most cases, by a total body scan to search for metastatic disease (cancer elsewhere in the body). Based upon this news report, the absence of lymph node involvement is likely based on a preoperative ultrasound, which is helpful but does not replace surgery.
Staging. Staging typically involves the use of imaging and surgery. We use the tools of physical exam, ct scans, mri's, bone scans, and now pet scans to determine if a cancer has spread beyond the originating organ. During surgery, lymph nodes are often dissected out and put under a microscope to see if tumor cells have moved into them, a sign that a cancer has metastasized.