Falling hair and skin head itchiness?

Many possibilities. Those are very common and nonspecific symptoms. A viral infection can do it, as can stress, various medications, and certain medical conditions. A good evaluation, including blood testing, by a physician will narrow down the possibilities.

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Circular bald spots on my head. Started as a single spot many yrs ago now increasing. Starts with a boil & itchiness then smooth shining skin.

A dermatologist will. give you a good answer. If it is alopecia he/she will help you deal w/it. Many others have done so successfully. Peace and good health. Read more...

For 20 months I have been suffering with small red round itchy bumps on my head with extensive hair loss. After 10 biopsies still no answer. Help me!

Shingles of scalp? You might have shingles of the scalp which can ce exceedingly painful and causes patches of hair loss. You might want to consult a dermatologist in a medical school setting who may have more experience. Good luck. Read more...