I have sensation all over body like someone is poking me with needles. Off and on the skin of my arms and legs feels like a burning sensation.?

New or Old? Your symptoms sound like a generalized nerve problem or peripheral neuropathy that may be caused by illness (such as diabetes or thyroid deficiency) but are usually slow to develop and only in the feet and hands. If your symptoms are sudden, accompanied by weakness, or changes in your ability to walk, get an examination for a neurological problem immediately. Toxic exposures must also be tested.

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Hi I have been getting a burning sensation in back of my head (brain) I also feel really run down and getting pins and needles in my arms and legs alot?

Impossible. You cannot get a burning sensation in your brain. Your brain is insensitive to all pain and other sensations. It senses sensations only in OTHER parts of the body. When you feel those sensations, you feel them in those other parts of the body, not the brain. Have you considered seeing a doctor about this? You folks have got National Health over there, right? Wish we had something like that here. Read more...