Is nipple discharge normal during perimenopause?

Talk with your doc. Different things can cause nipple discharge, some more concerning than others. It's important to check this out with your provider soon. Good job on being aware and taking care of this!
NO, There is something causing the discharge and it must be evaluated. A physician cannot just "look" visually at a discharge and see that it is not a serious problem, usually, the discharge is benign. Only 5-9% of discharges are cancerous. But i don't know anyone who would take a "chance" on this issue. Consult a breast specialist. New techniques incl. Mri, ductoscopy, etc.
Not likely. Although hormonal fluctuations can cause many things, nipple discharge is not a common one. I would discuss this with your dr to see if a further work-up (thyroid, pituitary, mammogram, etc) is indicated.

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