Are annual physicals important?

Probably. Though"evidenced" based medicine may show some controversy the american acadamey of pediatrics recommends them and all sexuaually active women (no matter the age) through 40 need annual physicals, after that they need a physical exam but not necessarily pap, men need annual digital exams for prostate beginning at 45. Sounds like to me it is a good idea for all persons to have their annual physica.
Depends. There is controversy within evidence based medicine whether or not annual preventive physicals are necessary. The short answer--if you have a genetic or family history, or a personal history of chronic health issues, are a menstruating female or a man over 50, then annual preventive assessments are a good idea. Annual visits are always a good idea, though, just to go over your health questions!
Playing the odds. In the era before we could do much for illness or conditions, checkups were almost silly. Today, when you can prevent brain damage in an infant by picking up a thyroid problem, or in an adult where you can treat new-onset hypertension before it leads to kidney damage or a stroke, you are playing the odds.You make the choice and get the consequences.
Annual physicals-Yes. It is a yearly review of you! This is an opportunity for you & your MD to make sure that you are healthy & that you stay healthy. Info like family history is reviewed. Blood pressure & weight are also checked. Certain bloodwork can be ordered (depending on your age & any history). Preventative measures are also discussed (pap smears, STD checks, etc). So, yes! Physicals are important!