What is the best medicine for migraines?

Depends... It depends upon the type of migraine; and the rest of your medical history (other conditions, any alleriges?, any other medications that you take, etc.) some neurologists use anaprox ds; others prefer imitrex (sumatriptan)...Usually practitioner preference; again keeping the above about you in mind. Cheers!
Varies by patient. Medicines can be very effective. However, each medicine only works for certain patients. Migraines have a complex etiology. You should be under the care of a neurologist.

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May I know what is the best medicine for migraine?

Imitrex (sumatriptan) This and a few other meds are available. If you are having classical migraines, you get an aura before the onset of pain. These meds need to be taken at that time for effective results. Good luck.
Depends. Migraine prevention can be achieved by using drugs normally prescribed for hypertension, seizure disorder, and depression. Choice of the best migraine drug will depend on your particular circumstances and your tolerance of side effects.
TO PREVENT OR ABORT? Numerous triptans are available to stop headache, and efficacy may vary from one individual to another, but, in general, relpax, (eletriptan) zomig nasal spray, treximet, and frova, seem to fit my population best. Preventatives are both rx and otc, and lately, I prefer such products as butterbur, feverfew, riboflavin, coq-10. Botox if others fail. Work closely with your doctor.
None reputed. Sumitriptan class of medications is current favored meds, but is hit and miss as to which one will work best for you. Your doctor can try different ones. I have found that people with chronic muscle spasm of neck muscles can develop migraines. Medicinal cannabis has helped many; where it is allowed. If neck muscle spasm seek massage ; watch for poor posture ; avoid a chronically tilted head.

What is the best medicine for migraine headache?

That depends. It really depends on multiple factors, and it can vary from person to person. In addition to medications, it is important to try to identify any potential headache triggers. The best way to do that is to maintain a headache diary.

What is the best medicine for migraines?

Migraine Treatment. There are many good medications for migraine treatment. Migraine is a serious and complex neurologic disorder. Today effective management of migraine involves three specific strategies: 1) patient education 2) non-pharmacological management (diet, sleep hygiene, acupuncture) and 3) pharmacological (triptans, topamax, (topiramate) etc) management. Rec.:see orofacial pain or headache specialist. Hope it helps.

What's the best medicine for migraines?

The one that works. There are several treatments for migraines— triptans (imitrex (sumatriptan) et al), ergotamine, beta blockers (inderal et al), antidepressants, anti-seizure meds, even botox. Some are for prevention; some to stop migraine in progress; some for both. Then there are meds mainly for nausea/vomiting. Work with fp or neurologist to find which one (s) work best for you. Avoiding triggers (food/stress/strong scents….
Check you TMJ. You may suffer from TMJ issues and bad bite. Find a neuromuscular in your area and have them evaluate your TMJ and this may resolve your issue with migraines for ever.

Could you tell me what's the best medicine to take for a migraine headache?

Migraine. There are two kinds of therapies: abortive- design to alleviate the pain during am attack and preventive- designed to reduce frequency and intensity of migraine. Migraine is usually triggered by either diet, poor sleep, stress or certain medications. Check with your doctor to find our whatever be your best medication as it may vary for person to person based on their history.

What is the best and safest migraine medicine for patients with arrhythmia/heart disease?

Migraine. You shoul discus so with your dr. There are a number of choices beta blockers would be the first to try.
? and Beta-blockers. Treatment for migraines can be divided into abortive and preventative categories. Abortive migraine treatment is given at the onset of symptoms. Preventative treatment is given on a regular basis to reduce the frequency and severity of migraines. In patients with frequent migraines, beta blockers are the safest medications used to prevent migraines in patients with arrhythmia and/or heart disease.