Pap/ HPV reflex to hpv16/18 with ct/cg show endocervical, glandular or metaplastic cells/ or parabasal cells present. Is this simply inflammation?

In reality, this is. All what you have to do if having history of HPV is doing PAP smear more diligent and vigilant than those without HPV since there is nothing could be done with the past, in attesting: Life is a constant changing and adjusting dynamic process of struggle to cope with reality, certainty, & uncertainty of daily living for survival, growth, & continuation from inception to eternity.
Not clear. I'm not clear on your question. If your pap smear identified hpv types 16 and 18, then you are infected with these "high risk" subtypes of human papilloma virus. This poses a risk for cervical cancer; it doesn't mean you have cancer, but you should be evaluated and treated to prevent progression to cancer. Have you been vaccinated against hpv? It seems as if you should be. See your ob/gyn.