Faint positive pregnancy test. But period 9 days early. Why would I be bleeding?

Get it checked out. You might have this due to many reasons. The test kit can be too old and the reagents expired, it might be done wrong, and many others. You might have had an early miscarriage and not all tissue passed out, or there might be/have been a germ cell rumor there. You might even have the start of an ectopic pregnancy, a potential emergency. You must see your doctor to find out and clear this out/up.

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I had a positive pregnancy test last week and today I started bleeding like a period. Is there any hope? What could I have done 2 prevent miscarrage?

Not your fault! About 25% of early pregnancies are lost spontaneously, mostly due to chromosomal defects in the embryo. You did nothing wrong and could not done have anything to prevent this sad event. I wish you the best and a healthy baby! Read more...

Positive pregnancy test at 17dpo now 20 DPO with light bleeding I have irregular cycles am I still pregnant or is this my period?

Not your period. If you were pregnant 3 days ago this is not your period. It could be a threatened miscarriage. Some studies show that as many as 1/2 of all pregnancies end in miscarriage and half of those occur so early that only with our more sensitive pregnancy tests do you even know you were pregnant. Patients use to just think their period was late. Do another pregnancy test to see if it is still positive. Read more...