My father has a headache with a soar throat and nausia?

Fever? Any exposure to strep throat? In addition to fever, headache, sore throat and nausea are all features of either a viral infection - or if recent strep exposure - strep throat - needs evaluation to check, in mean time, tylenol (acetaminophen) and hydration with water is most important.

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My daughter has a temp (99.7 with fever meds). She's complaining of a head ache, sore throat & nausia (at times). Besides tylenol (acetaminophen) & Motrin

Dr. can check throat. Mild nose and throat symptoms can be from cold viruses, strep throat, allergies, etc..., except that allergies usually don't cause a fever. Doctors have rapid 5-minute tests for strep, so a primary care doctor can diagnose strep and start antibiotics "right away", which means within the first 3 days of a strep throat infection. Read more...