I have had a surgery of the front crucial ligament in march and still feel some pain in the knee when I make sudden moves. Is this normal? Reasons?

Maybe. Without knowing any more of your medical history; post-op knee surgery may leave you with some residual pain. My advice would be to discuss this with the orthopedist who performed the procedure; it may resolve with some additional physical therapy.
See your orthopedist. A little knee pain after ACL (front cruciate) surgery is common and often related to need for patello-femoral rehabilitation. If this is a new symptom or is getting worse then please see your surgeon. Common causes of your pain may be due to persistent instability, pre-existing or new onset arthritis/cartilage injury, meniscal injury, suboptimal rehab.
ACL Postop. If you are 10 months postop ACL reconstruction you should be addressing this question to the surgeon. If you had a graft harvest from your patella tendon it can cause anterior knee pain. You may have wear and tear issues of your patella. Did you participate in a formal postop pt program ? As you can see there are lots of variables which is beyond the scope of healthtap.