My girl friend asked me to check whether if it is ok to read books or to use computers aftre a lasik eye eurgery. She had the surgery last week.?

Yes. Yes. There should be no reason not to use your eyes if you have had successful lasik surgery.
When comfortable. There is no need to refrain from using the eyes after laser vision correction surgery, unless the surgeon specifically tells you. You my resume reading, driving and using your eyes for all your tasks as soon as you feel comfortable doing so. You can get back to most of your activities within 1 or 2 days. Ask your surgeon if you have any specific restrictions.
After a week ok. It should be fine if everything went smoothly and you are a week out from surgery.
No problem. It is fine to read or use computers after lasik. Just remember to use non-preservative artificial tears to prevent dryness.
Yes. Yes, reading and computer work are ok. These activities can lead to dryness of the eyes. Artificial tears and increasing blinking during these and other focused activities can help.