I am 49 healthy woman and I am contemplating going on a raw fruit and vegetable diet is there anything I need to make sure I include to stay healthy?

Raw food thoughts... Raw fruits and raw vegetables have many benefits, but there are some drawbacks, which is why all human cultures eat cooked food. Raw plants have tough Cellulose fiber, so require more chewing to break into the cells so we can get the nutrients. Undigested fiber is fermentation food for our gut bacteria, leading to gas. Without cooking, one eats live bacteria, fungi, and parasites that are on food.
B 12 and iron. Supplement your diet with B12 vitamin and iron pills. Contrary to widespread believe human beings have no enzymes to get the iron from vegetable origen (we are not cows or other animals that may metabolize the green pastures).
2 B or not 2 B. Take vitamin B12 supplements. 500mcg a day should do it. Otherwise you may become deficient with that diet.