Which type of bridge material is more expensive, entire bridge made of porcelain, porcelain fused to metal, or porcelain fused to high noble metal.?

Porcelain to High Nb. Due to the high price of gold, porcelain fused to high noble metal will be more expensive.
It's the dentist. Nowadays, with the high cost of precious metals, high noble would be the most costly. However, it's the time and overhead costs of the dentist, along with the lab fees that is the biggest determining factor in the final cost of the restoration. Look for quality and value, not cost.
Gold cost more. Any material having a high gold content (high noble) will cost more.
High noble . High noble is high gold, so that would probably be the most expensive.
Depends. All things being equal, the higher content of precious metal will increase the cost of the bridge. But all things are not equal. There are thousands of dental labs billing vastly different fees for the same thing. Better labs will typically charge more. Before you focus on lab cost it's important for you and your dentist to select the right material for your particular needs to get the best result.
The dental tech. Depends on the dental technician making the piece. Some are 10x more expensive for this work than others. And, usually worth it!
High noble. Generally, high noble based crowns are more expensive due to the cost of gold. However, all porcelain crowns are very esthetic and can also be expensive to have made.
Depends. There really shouldnt be muc difference. Although porcelain to hi noble is probably the most expensive.
The high noble metal. Normally, due to the cost of hight noble metals now a days, the porcelain fused to hight noble metals are more expensive.