I have been experiencing pain in my tongue. No noticeable sores or spots, but a sensation like knotting of the muscle and shooting pins pain if I put pressure like biting down gently in that area.

Neuralgia. This sounds like a neuralgia but to rule out other possible dental problems, see your dentist first. If no dental problems are seen, you will be referred to a neurologist.
Glossitis. Inflammation of the tongue is called glossitis. Many causes from infection, to vitamin deficiency, to reaction from food eaten, etc. It is usually short lived in my experience. If it persists longer than 2 weeks, i would see your doctor and get some blood tests. Carefully review your diet and everything that you have been eating.
Wait and see. If you are otherwise healthy with no medical problems, i would wait two weeks and see if it goes away. There are a number of causes of tongue pain, some benign and temporary and others not. If it continues see your physician or an oral surgeon, or both if the diagnosis is not apparent. If you have any medical conditions, call your physician and ask if he\she thinks you should be seen.