Is it safe to use nasal spray while pregnant?

Yes with caution. No evidence of significant risk to baby if used as directed. Nasal spray decongestants are very habit forming. A phenomenon called the rebound effect causes the blood vessels that shrink with use to rebound larger with more congestion and they do it in shorter and shorter time periods. If you must use it use it only 1 or 2 times a day and never for more than 3 days in a row.

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Is it safe to use nasal spray decongestant while pregnant?

Yes. The decongestant in nasal sprays for colds or allergies can be used for short duration, usually not more than 3 days. Otherwise you can experience a rebound in nasal congestion. Don't use if you have high blood pressure. Also try saline nasal spray. Read more...

Is it safe to inject nasal spray into your nose all year round?

No. If you are talking about an over the counter nasal spray such as Neo-Synephrine or afrin, then the use of these nasal sprays is harmful and can lead to rhinitis medicamentosa, an entity that causes permanent damage to your nasal lining. A topical steroid may usually be used for many months. By injection, i assume you mean spraying. Substance abuse may lead to irreversible damage and fungus. Read more...